if you start working with adf 11g r2 or 12c, at some point you try to resize facesmessage popups. by default, this message popup size is 250px by 250px. and there is no configuration to change it easily.

i also searched for it on internet and oracle community forum. there is one workaround from Duncan Mills.

here, i try to explain another workaround. this method works with adf skinning and skin selectors.

before workaround, following screen shows how facesmessage popup behaves.

Popup before workaround

simply, i added new skin to project. then i override af:dialog skin-selector as follows:

af|dialog {
  -tr-default-content-width : -1;
  -tr-default-content-height : -1;

after restarting project, message popup looks much better. i try with IE8, Firefox 29, Chrome 34 and Safari 5.1.7. it seems working.

Popup after workaround

as far as i know, there is only one issue with this workaround. if you look at generated html with a browser extension like chrome developer toolbar, there is a warning sign. but it is not preventing any functionality.

CSS warning

sample application is built with jdeveloper

if you use this workaround and discover any issues, please feel free to share it.